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As contributors to charity ourselves, we have always been interested in where our dollars go. If you are ever interested in where your donations have gone, please reach out and let us give you specifics directly attributed to your generosity.


Officially, we pledge 90% (or more) of all donations directly to charitable causes. We do not use donations to cover travel.


How much would you like to donate? Donations over $75.00 will receive a SWAG BAG.

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Donation Total: $50.00 One Time


We are a small organization with a huge amount of passion. We are excited that there are riders who want to grow with us and represent our growing brand; of all ages and skill levels.

Our athletes are a core aspect of our mission and vision. All athletes are invited to bring opportunities from within their own communities. In turn, we hope to help them progress, compete, kick-ass, and have fun.


ProBuilds Crew

Our Mutt crew and the crew over at ProBuilds Mobile Bike Shop in Pennsylvania have partnered for the 2021 season to support several riders who are aspiring to make some waves in the Eastern States Cup. Keep an eye out…this crew is fire.

Cameron Mader
Age: 19
We started working with Cam in 2020/2021 alongside the ProBuilds team and are really pumped to watch what he does this year between the tape. Cameron has been making quite the ascension in the East Coast race scene. In 2020 Cameron remained consistently in the top 5 of the pro class and is definitely someone to keep an eye on in 2021.
Valentina Roa Sanchez
Age: 16
She is currently dominating the DH racing circuit on both dirt and concrete in Colombia. She is being trained by Steven Cabellos and Rafael Gutierrez, both of which are World Cup racers. She will be traveling to the States to race with us and ProBuilds this season. They are calling her the Queen of Downhill in Colombia. Her trainers say she will be ready for World Cup juniors in a year and we intend to get her there.
Matt Driscoll
Age: 20
Matt won the Eastern States Cup Downhill Overall Championship in his first year (2013) in the Pro category. Since then he has competed in over 70 races between the ESC series, Pro GRT National series and National Championships. Including 2020, Matt has been the ESC Overall Champion for the last 6 consecutive years. He is currently a sophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute studying mechanical engineering and works in the bike shop at Highland when he is home. Matt has been putting in the work this off season and with the help of ProBuilds Racing and Mutt Society he hopes to reach the next level in his racing career.
Mutt Team Riders

As we build out our different levels of athlete programs, we have been introduced to some amateur riders with huge potential. This group is aspiring to be recognized, working to improve, and making some waves.

Grady Payson
Age: 13
My name is Grady and I am the 13 year old mutt society team captain whose main disciplines are downhill, and freestyle mountain biking.
Lachlan Becker
Age: 14
Lachlan is an incredible rider and stout evangelist for the Mutt brand.
Tania LIlak
Age: 50
Tania has been tearing up the trails for many years. Her favorite discipline is DH with a little slopestyle mixed in. Tania has supported Mutt Society from the start and loves every opportunity to help others get into mountain biking. She especially loves to see young female rippers and wants to help increase their stoke in every way possible. Between Tania and Mutt Society, plan to see a massive increase in females killing it on the trails!
Dereck "Bubba" Graham
Age: 13
Lucas Zellman
Age: 20
Braiden Moulton
Age: 14
Isaac Gutterman
Age: 13
Kanon Juneau
Age: 18
Hi, my name is Kanon, I work at a local bike shop where I live as a mechanic and I love to get out and ride bikes, make videos and help others progress in the sport of Mountain Biking!
Leo Sparta
Age: 15
I’m Leo, an enduro racer and freerider from Freeport, Maine. Hit me up at highland for some laps, I’m always down. Ride hard!
Kajay Rooke
Age: 26
I'm a bit of a newcomer to the DH/Enduro biking scenes but boy have I fallen in love with this stuff! I've learned so much from the people I have met along the way, both on and off my bike. It's been a treat to have my boyfriend and the Highland family bringing me under their wings and showing me what is possible on a bike up close and personal. From the heavy hitter ladies to the shredder guys that we all hang out with, we are always helping show each other what our bikes can do. Two years ago, I had just replaced my old school Mongoose Pro hand-me-down bike with a modern full suspension and it changed the game for me. I entered my first enduro series (Eastern States Cup) finishing at a higher ranking in each race (for the 4 races I had done) then started traveling to Highland Bike park almost every weekend. From a beginner 2" drop in Arkansas two years ago to checking off features on Highland's slopestyle course, I've learned from the best friends and now am hitting bigger freeride features, feeling more comfortable on two wheels than I ever pictured possible. I look forward to continuing to learn and sharing this amazing sport, bringing more people into the industry, and helping them progress!
Merrick Barlow
Age: 14
My name is Merrick Barlow I am 14 years old. My favorite trick is a 360 and I love to just get out and ride my bike.
Carter Muszkiewicz
Age: 15
I’m Carter Muszkiewicz, I’m 15 years old and I live in Washington. I love to send and live to help.
Romanian Crew

On our Romanian trip we met 5 inspiring riders who are competing in the CNE (National Enduro Cup). We outfitted the crew with bikes and protective gear through TSG Protective and are ready to see them make some strides this year on the podiums.

Daria Gruian
Age: 16
My name is Daria and I started mountain biking in 2019. Now I am focusing on racing enduro in my country, and hopefully someday I'll have the chance to compete at EWS. Stay gnarly!
Gabor Gabriel
Age: 17
I'm from Romania and I ride endruo, but when I get bored I might throw a little 360 on flat. Always keepin' it hardcore! Enduro, Freeride and Heavy Metal!
Boka Valentin-Octav
Age: 19
My story started at 12 years old on a DHS Rocket 24". I was training and trying tricks when I finally bought a trial bike. On that bike I started to really progress with tricks. When I was 15 I finally bought my first mountain bike (UMF Freddy 2). It wasn't a good bike but I loved it. Then the Mutts sponsored me and gave me a new bike. The mountain is my happy place and although people say I'm too old I don't want to hear that. You are never too old to do what you love. RIDE ON.
The Mutt Family

Supporting our initiatives in the world, riding hard, and always looking for a way to spread the word, our family is always growing. #passthetorch

James Becksted
Age: 13
Josh Korza
Age: 13
Jacob Korza
Age: 15
Sean Murphy
Age: 14
Dillon Rando
Age: 11
Hey I’m Dillon Rando a young rider from the east coast I ride on a dirt jumper and a full sus my favorite place to ride is highland. Ride or die!
Ian Prebble
Age: 15
I am a 15 year old Mountain bike rider that shreds Highland Bike park and all around the East Coast. I am a sponsored athlete by Rynopower, 100%, 661, Spy and ODI grips. I am so happy to be apart of the Mutt Society team. Stay motivated!
Andy Messier
Age: 16
I am a 16-year-old rider from New Hampshire who loves to trick out and send it on jumps, drops, other features. I ride freestyle and freeride around the area and enjoy progressing my skills.
Silas Lozada
Age: 15
I’m 15 and love riding my bike! I ride just about everyday at the vortex pit at santos located in Ocala Florida. Right now my skills are progressing to the point where it’s time to learn some little tricks on the bike. Right now I am working on taking the hands and feet off more consistently. The biggest jump I’ve done so far was an 18ft drop to 25 foot booter a little scary on the dirt jumper.

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