Mountain Biking in Madeira- Travel Details + Review

Details on Mountain biking in Madeira, Portugal on the most recent Mutt Society trip, which we took in September 2017.

Our Logistics: (Not rated) 10 hours of flight

Boston to Lisbon, Lisbon to Madeira. Rental house was about 20 minutes away.

Trip Duration: 7/10 (8 days was a decent amount of time):

We stayed for 8 days

Weather: 7/10

Extremely variable depending on the climate zone you are riding in on the island

Riding Venues: 8/10 (places to ride, quality of riding, tours, lifts, shuttles, etc)

Freeride Madeira– Guided tours with shuttle vans for gravity fed riding. They bring you all over the island, to all the best and “local” spots.

Cost? About $75.00 USD per day

Rental bikes offered? Yes

Lodging: 8/10 (pricing vs quality vs availability)


Freeride Madeira also offers lodging

Food: 9/10

Food is amazing, a written description can’t even describe the quality and value.

Drink 9/10

Poncha- Don’t drink before noon

Madeira Wine- World Famous, try it

Affordability: 6/10 (traveling from East Coast USA air-fair is up there)


The trip was a great experience. There is a reason why you hear more and more about this place in the mountain bike industry, from vacation getaways to the Enduro World Series; Madeira is a trending riding location that has something to offer for every interest and skill set. Technical DH shuttle runs, or Enduro Madeira has you covered. The food, culture, people and landscape are second to none. If you want to check out a place with a lot of culture and history mixed with great riding, this is your spot.

Random Notes:

The Island does not take Discover Card, anywhere…

Currency exchange- just get it done and over with at the airport

Tread lightly with the Poncha

Bike Shop– MZ Bike http://www.mzbike.com/

Any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us, happy to help!



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