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Supplies to a Cuban bike shop

January 2nd, 2019: A fellow Mutt, had recently gone to Cuba to ride and noted that the bike shops in Cuba were a very good reflection of what the embargos (and socialist system) has done to local business. He reported the lack of bike parts and tools and we had a good conversation about how easy it would be to just bring down some of the basics and how much impact a little effort like that would make.

From his report, we decided that the best thing we could bring were the absolute basics: tire/tube repair and shift/brake cables.

Bringing some supplies down

It didn’t take much, we went to our local shop (Cycles Etc. in Salem, NH) and asked what they would want if they could only have the basics.

James put together a box of goodies (LINK to INSTA POST) that included the following:

– Jagwire shifter/break cables and casing
– Park Tool tube patch kits
– REMA Tip Top tire repair kits


Support was heavily provided by:

Thanks to:

CYCLES ETC. SALEM provided abour $2,000 worth of product for a 70% discount. What I thought was going to be a small amount of basic provisions turned into a 100lb. bag of materials.
RFX Inc. for always supporting us both verbally and monetarily.

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