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We pledge to provide bikes to children in an annual bike drive.

On average, each bike costs around $300 to obtain, maintain, and transport.


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Sanbornton, NH


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IGNITE. attempts to summarize what mountain biking is to all of us, whatever our skill level. Then it encourages us to pass that torch to the next generation and to those who have barriers enjoying this sport.

The COVID Creative Drought

During the beginning months of COVID, Andrew, the crew, and I talked frequently about what our plans were. We had trips planned to Paraguay, El Salvador, and Iceland – all of which were quickly being cancelled; by the country, the airports, or our own conscience.

As everyone in the world felt, freedom was quickly becoming an extremely valuable commodity.

In response to the pandemic, we focused locally and worked with organizations to get bikes to kids right in our local communities (see our COVID bike drive article here).

But in the end, our passion for anxiety ridden, creative exploration was being drained.

The idea

Just as the candle flickered out, we received a call from a good friend and producer, Sean Mitchell. A friend of his, Derrick Fortin was back from LA and looking to gather a group of creatives to collaborate during his time out East.

Knowing that we are part of that larger and badass bike community, Sean asked if we knew of any riders who would want to make a short production at a place of their choosing.

We mentioned Andrew’s home turf and Sean, Derrick, and Daniel Olivares immediately came and scoped the location.

It was perfect timing. During COVID Andrew, Jory, Whitney, Jordan and others had come together at Andrew’s house; social distanced; and built an absolutely incredible first stage jump line. They had also fine-tuned some gnarly Northeast DH tech. 

Getting the band together

With a few phone calls we got some interest from some incredible riders; we scheduled a date for shooting and perfected the last pieces of the trail.

The riders

Special thanks goes out to the following riders:

The process

The entire process was fast, loose, and chaotic. In a good way. We were all figuring out business, COVID, personal fears. We didn’t know what the next day would be like. But we all met up and just began the process of progress.

The crew shot everything they could, the riders ripped the trails, and a day disappeared.

As the weeks and months went on, production started to kick up, everyone’s work started to even out, and we fell back into a new normal of life.

And then, in the early winter, Sean reached out with an edit.

The edit

Since we didn’t start with a script or even a plan, it was up to Sean to take everything we had gathered and build a story around that. Sean worked with an amazing writer and creative, Amanda Silva who supplied the storyline and script. The strategy was to create a short cut: tying a story about riding into our core at the Mutt Society: spread the love and pay it forward.

Thanks to Crew and Production:

Special thanks to: Events United (Gear and Personnel), Talamas Boston (Gear)

Press to play IGNITE video

IGNITE. attempts to summarize what mountain biking is to all of use, whatever skill level. And then encourages everyone to remember to pass that torch of passion to the next generation and to those who have barriers to attaining the same access as we do.



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