About us

Mutt Society

Founded by passionate riders, Mutt Society is a non-profit organization committed to using our relationships, travels, personal advantages, and innovative business network to raise funds for communities in need around the world.

Our passions include but are not limited to:

  • – Introducing bicycles to children without access and/or means
  • – Providing educational/art supplies to schools/groups in need
  • – Promoting local businesses and culture around the world
  • – Partnering with like-minded brands to support charitable visions outside of our own

Why Bikes

FREEDOM: For many of us, our bicycle was our first glimpse at freedom. It allowed us to expand our accessible world from our backyard, to our friends and local businesses. This freedom can engage new opportunities for work, play, and happiness.

PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH: There have been many studies proving the benefits of exercise. Bicycling engages the body while freeing the mind. Just riding on familiar streets with the wind in the hair is enough to ease the mind and transport you to another place, even for a short time.

ENERGIZING COMMUNITY: With a sense of belonging comes a reactive sense of pride. Where happiness thrives, so does an energy among the community. Whether it is attracting more tourism, watching a supported team race, or just helping bring the community together for an event, bicycles give a push towards promoting economy.